Our Story.


    We are a BIPOC owned & operated, American based fast fashion brand originating from Queens NYC. Our goal is to grow to compete with the likes of H&M, Fashion Nova and The GAP. To have the option for clothing from an American company that is lead by people who dictate and create popular culture is valuable in many ways. 

  We recognize that people in this country have felt like they have had little options in relation to the companies they are able to support. These folks live in the margins of society and don't see companies that reflect them in image or culture.

   We are here to be the answer to that problem.

No more sketchy ads baiting BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) with disrespectful and insensitive messaging.

No more having to be concerned with others appropriating our cultures for profit. 

    We are here to own who we have become. Our history has tried to define who we are... today. Over many years, we have developed and grown. Our lived experiences have created the American culture that we know... today. All the different people who are here... are here for a better future. To contribute to a better country. They now are of this country like those born from it. So now when they see us anywhere in the world they know.... we are 

From The States.